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What is brass flat bar / strip, and what is it used for?

Brass flat bar is usually supplied in grade CZ12; this free machining alloy has 3% lead content dispersed throughout the strip to aid lubrication during machining.

Brass flat bar is supplied in a mill finish which is generally not suitable for decorative applications but is suitable to polish with appropriate polishing kits we also stock brass strip ready for immediate dispatch in brushed or bright polish finishes. 

We also stock polishing kits that are suitable for use on a rotary drill to enable you to polish our brass flat bar and strip yourself. Brass flat is often used for model making, shop fitting, furniture and cabinet making, and other decorative uses.

The cold working properties of brass is poor, but hot working and machinability are classed as excellent. 

Joining brass flat bar by soldering is classed as giving excellent results, brazing is good and butt welding is fair; all other welding methods are to be avoided. Drilling and cutting is easy and can be carried out with most DIY methods.

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