As the UK’s largest online stockists and suppliers of metal we supply a massive range of aluminium products that includes angle, channel, sheet, tube, telescopic poles, box section, I beam, treadplate, flat, and much more…


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What is aluminium and what is it used for?

Aluminium is the most abundant metal on the planet and has many properties that make it one of the most popular metals for fabrication work.

It is light, strong, corrosion resistant, ductile, simple to recycle, and is easy to drill, cut, weld, solder, and machine. With a great strength to weight ratio, it is particularly well suited for use in many engineering applications including aircraft, marine and train construction, engine parts, window frames, garden structures, interior design, DIY projects, and many more.

For an in-depth insight into the different grades, uses, and properties of aluminium, read our comprehensive technical guide- What is Aluminium?

Aluminium can be finished in a variety of ways to improve its appearance and durability; painting and anodising are the most popular finishes. At metals4U we sell a fully comprehensive range of metal paints to complete your project.

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