Tube Clamp Accessories - End Caps, Plugs, Allen Keys

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What are tube clamp accessories and what are they used for?

Our tube clamp accessories range is comprised of plastic end caps and galvanised tube plugs and allen keys; the end caps simply push into the end of metal tube to reduce debris from collecting in the tube end caps and gives a pleasing aesthetic to the cut end of pipe and tube. Allen keys are used to tighten tube clamp fittings securely to pipe and tube- no other tools are necessary to construct handrails and metal tube structures.

Order your tube clamp accessories from metals4U.

We offer free delivery on orders over £75 to England and Wales, plus competative carriage costs to the rest of the UK.

Our custom cutting service is available at no extra cost, so if you are planning to construct a tube clamp project we can cut all the metal tube to your required length to save you time and reduce waste.