Metal Fasteners

We stock a fully comprehensive range of metal fasteners including ankerbolts, machine screws, through bolts, nuts and washers, Tek screws, threaded rod, tube connectors, tube inserts, plus much more.

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What are metal fasteners and what are they used for?

Metal fasteners are hardware components that are used to join metal, wood, and plastic profiles together. They are extensively used through the fabrication and manufacture process to secure or provide a finishing detail.

We maintain high stock levels of all our metal fasteners to make sure you can always get everything you need to complete your project in one place. We stock a complete range of different types of screws, bolts, nuts, end caps, tube inserts, washers, and tube connectors. Whatever you need to join, we have just the product you require.

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We have no minimum order requirements and next day delivery options are available.