The Gadget Sleigh (GS-900)

The Gadget Sleigh (GS-900)
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Santa and his reindeer are being brought into the 21st century with a brand new mode of transport, ensuring that he delivers every present with enough time to spare for a mince pie and a glass of milk.
The Gadget Sleigh (GS-900) offers the latest state-of-the-art technology for Santa including GPS navigation, parking sensors, a pin-point chimney cam as well as heated seats to ensure maximum comfort for the icy cold, overnight trip.
The sleigh also comes with added made-to-measure technical features including a convertible roof, eco-friendly rocket boosters and a nose-wiper for Rudolph. The streamlined design allows for maximum efficiency and productivity.
Built from super strength metal, the sleigh is weather resistant and can handle the harshest conditions with ease. The window is made from layered Lexan Polycarbonate guerrilla glass and generates maximum visibility for Santa.
You can be assured that the GS-900 will arrive to you in the same speed that it takes Santa to go around the world in one trip.

Key features of the GS-900
A convertible roof
Hybrid-powered rocket boosters to help the reindeers out
Integrated sound system with Christmas Spotify playlist
Heated seats
Parking sensors
Chimney cam
10-year guarantee

Not included in the price:
Flying Reindeer and Rudolph's red light
Christmas presents

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The Gadget Sleigh (GS-900) Reviews

  • The Gadget Sleigh (GS-900)

    Reviewed by Graham Hobbs on 22/01/2015.

    Test flight booking

    Totally wicked - just as soon as you have the metallic Red unit would you book me a test flight please?

    As for landing on the roof, just park it sideways alongside the chimney - sorted!

  • The Gadget Sleigh (GS-900)

    Reviewed by Buddy on 05/01/2015.

    Major improvement

    We were concerned here at the North Pole with the trial version (GS-800)
    This is the business.
    It has room for me when I need to visit the in-laws (Them being human like me).
    Santa is putting me on the insurance as a named driver - Yippeee!

    Thanks team.

  • The Gadget Sleigh (GS-900)

    Reviewed by Krampus on 22/12/2014.

    Black with Flames?

    Does it come in black?

    Would like to have pinstriped flames on it too.



  • The Gadget Sleigh (GS-900)

    Reviewed by Prancer on 17/12/2014.

    Sleigh the reindeers?

    Nice ride for Santa, bit concerned there is no space in the front for me and my buddies to pull it.

    Or in fact space in the back for Santa to put in a Reindeer Guard so we cant even ride in he back.

    Would be better if it was in Red though....

  • The Gadget Sleigh (GS-900)

    Reviewed by A B Lever on 13/12/2014.

    Elfen safety

    Great design but I am a little concerned about landing on pitched roofs. Does it have a hover facility or is there a complimentary supply of magic dust?

    Happy Christmas

  • The Gadget Sleigh (GS-900)

    Reviewed by colin Mansfield. on 09/12/2014.

    Gadget Sleigh Grumble.

    I would have thought that Gold Plating at least would have given the Sleigh some charisma.Nevertheless I think you have cornered the market since I have searched for a competitor and come up with zilch.Making Reindeer redundant is a particularly poor move in these austere times.I thought your pricing was a little steep until I realised there where no pedals and that it was propelled by a M4U invention.I was going to change my Car for one that runs but you have totally banjaxt me.Do you have any used model sleighs,low mileage about three years old.

  • The Gadget Sleigh (GS-900)

    Reviewed by June Etherington on 09/12/2014.

    I want this.

    I have asked all my family and friends to dig deep in their pockets to buy me this. I love it!!!!!

  • The Gadget Sleigh (GS-900)

    Reviewed by Mark Brannan on 09/12/2014.


    What colourways is it available in please?

  • The Gadget Sleigh (GS-900)

    Reviewed by Lapland Maintenance and Logistics Corp. on 09/12/2014.

    Fixed steering issue

    Older models of this fine vehicle had a problem when delivering large quantities of ferrous metal stock. Something about "catastrophic steering failure" or some such due to magnetic field disruption n in the quantum warp reciprocating sprocket manifold retention flange linkage. This is now fixed in the latest model.

  • The Gadget Sleigh (GS-900)

    Reviewed by Rudolf on 04/12/2014.

    Up Up Away

    I love the sleigh. It makes my job easier and the nose-wiper is perfect. I’ve noticed my nose shining brighter than ever

  • The Gadget Sleigh (GS-900)

    Reviewed by Patch, Chief Elf on 04/12/2014.

    Elf and Safety bonus

    We have worked hard to bring in the GS-900 this year. We had to wait a while for the technology to develop but we believe that this is much more fun! Because of elf and safety issues with the wooden sleighs; this is a marvellous treat

  • The Gadget Sleigh (GS-900)

    Reviewed by Mrs Claus on 04/12/2014.

    What an improvement

    The GS-900 is far better than the wooden sleigh and also much safer. He’ll get back from his trip much earlier this year which is great as I always give him a little treat on his return! I know that Santa really excited and can’t wait to trial the sleigh although now he will probably gain even more weight from the mince pies

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