The reasons why tube clamps have surged in popularity

A structure is nothing without the things that hold it in place. Traditionally those are the nuts and bolts, but let’s not forget about tube clamps – they give structures their strength and shape.

Tube clamps have been used for years in the construction industry, effectively acting as a T-junction or 90 degree joints for metal tubes. The range of types and sizes means different directions and gradients can be catered for, so structures like handrails, warehouse racks and shelves, exhibition stands and safety barriers can all be fixed together exactly as intended.

With most things that are modest, dependable and functional, they often miss out on the glory. But more recently we’ve seen a trend of tube clamps being used by designers and even furniture makers as they strive to achieve a more authentic look.


Those who use them to make ‘industry chic’ furniture tend to go for tube clamps with the smallest diameter to match the small tubing. That tends to be our Size A, which is 27mm in diameter and manufactured from galvanised mild steel.

So they’re now being used at home as well as in the industry. Perhaps one of the reasons why their reputation has shifted is down to how easy they are to use. Basically you don’t need to be a welder to work with them – it’s simply a case of tightening a couple of grub screws.

Tube clamps provide a temporary or permanent solution, and they can be used outside as well as in. They’re durable, long lasting and easy to fix. When you piece it all together you can see why they’ve grown in popularity.

They’re also available in sizes B to E, which range from 33.9mm to 60.3mm in diameter. These are all hot dipped galvanised steel and suitable for bigger structures.

We also supply tube clamps to fit handrails that comply with the Equality Act 2010, and they meet the requirements of the Building Regulations 2010 Part M, British Standards BS 8300. Don’t forget – we can also supply you with the steel tubes, handrails and balustrades too!


Next time you’re out and about, see if you can spot these tube clamps in action. If you’ve bought them from us to use as part of your project, let us know.