metals4U sponsorship of IMechE FS20 teams update


metals4U have been proud sponsors of Leeds Gryphon Racing from the University of Leeds and TeamHare from the University of Huddersfield for the last two Formula Student seasons; and we have loved being part of the journey watching the teams design, build, test, and then race their cars at the live events at the Silverstone weekend in the summer.


steel tube meatals4U


Unfortunately, this year the live events due to take place at Silverstone between the 22nd and 26th July have been cancelled as a result of the impact of Covid-19; this was not a decision IMechE took lightly, but while the global impact and projected spread of Coronavirus is unknown, this was the safest option.


Gryphon chassis metals4U steel tube


Teamwork and collaboration are critical components of the car design and build process, it would be irresponsible to continue with public events while social distancing measures are in place. IMechE were  quick to point out that any risk of Coronavirus transmission to team members and their families would not be facilitated by the competition- to continue to hold the live events without spectators and supporters would not be in the spirit of the competition, also, social distancing measures would be difficult to maintain due to the nature of the tasks with the team participants.


TeamHare metals4U IMechE fs20


Many elements of the competition are continuing remotely and are managing to incorporate team collaboration throughout the projects, these are:


  • Virtual Business presentation, Engineering Design, and Cost and Manufacturing Presentations

  • Scrutineering Documents Feedback

  • Virtual racing Competition

  • Virtual FS-AI Competition


For the IMechE FS21 competition, due to start later this year, the rules will be frozen so designs and builds from the FS20 season will compete equally against new FS21 entries. IMechE have also stated that for FS21, any team members that have graduated in 2020 will be allowed to compete next year if it is viable for them to do so with future work commitments etc.

The carrying over of this season’s criteria into next year’s competition enables work completed so far to not be wasted- the learning outcomes of the  design, testing, and build are still honoured so all work from this season will be able to be carried over into the FS21 season with no penalty.

Throughout the FS season, we keep in close contact with our sponsored team members. Both teams have expressed their disappointment at not being able to take part in the live events at Silverstone- for students of Mechanical Engineering, this is a really exciting event, and finishes off their academic year with a fantastic long weekend of live events, racing, networking and fierce competition.


teamhare sponsored by metals4U


While we are disappointed that Leeds Gryphon Racing, and TeamHare are not able to complete the FS20 season, metals4U are delighted that our sponsorship of both teams will be carried over to the FS21 season. As soon as we get updates from the University of Leeds and the University of Huddersfield about their teams for next year, we will let you know… so watch this space!