metals4U customer and sculptor, Julia Perry, shows us her latest work.

Our Student Sculptors Competition is in full swing for its 4th year and although we can’t show you any of the entries for this year yet, we thought you may like to see the work of one of our very talented sculptor / customers.


Julia Perry originally studied jewellery design at Mid-Warwickshire College (now part of the WCG that administers 7 colleges in the West Midlands area) and has been making jewellery for around 30 years.

Julia Perry / Charlie Fox Designs 2020





A beautiful example of hare cufflinks made by Julia.





            (© Julia Perry / Charlie Fox Designs 2020)


Although a talented silversmith she had never tackled a project so ambitious before, she laughs as she explains the recent "thing" she made that finally gave her confidence to attempt her first full size steel sculpture of a horse.

"I wanted a Reindeer for my garden this Christmas. I looked around at what I had, which was basically junk, and came up with Rudolf. He kind of, just worked".


   (© Julia Perry 2020)

Apparently Rudolf has been a bit of a local celebrity and people have even had their pictures taken next to him. And his... 2 strategically placed baubles....


(© Julia Perry 2020)

Julia’s latest piece is called ‘Heart of a Horse’ but is lovingly named ‘Dobbin’ by the artist. This large imposing sculpture is constructed from 90 metres of grade S275 6mm black mild steel round bar. This grade of mild steel has excellent machinability and weldability making it ideal for this type of project and was welded by using a Sealey Mightymig100 gasless welder,  Julia is thrilled with the results possible with her gasless welder and says;

“ I'm glad I ignored all the "advice" on not getting a gasless welder, I read reviews, and decided to get one as this is a fantastic bit of kit,  If you are having problems with a gasless mig it may well be the wire, make sure it's flux cored wire!”


Julia’s workshop ( pictured above) provides the perfect workspace- plenty of space to move around in, well lit, robust worktops with ample storage, and an uncluttered, non-slip floor.

It is particularly encouraging to see what Julia has achieved with ‘Dobbin’ the horse as she unfortunately had to give up her job as a Field Service Engineer last year due to a back injury. Although this could be perceived as a set back for Julia, it has actually enabled her to focus much more of her time on new creative pursuits without the distractions of working the 9 to 5.

A country girl at heart, Julia's pieces are often countryside themed, she plans a life size fox next. Julia loves horses, dogs, hares, pheasants, and rural sports and crafts; however, she does not limit her work to all things rustic. She assures me anything is possible and has made such things as articulated lorry cufflinks, oars, Ghurkha Kukri knives and rugby balls as part of her jewellery commissions.




Julia is available for commissions and bespoke work in steel, silver, copper, bronze and brass as a commercial artist and jeweller trading under the name of Charlie Fox Designs- you can see more of her work on her social media channels and her Etsy shop.





Julia Perry, Sculptor and Jeweller specialises

in working with steel, silver, copper, bronze, and brass.



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