Inventing The Modern Car

(Last modified: February 11th, 2019)

The design and stylings of the humble car is an area which is in constant change, with innovations within the industry coming around all the time.

As science and technologies continues to advance it is inevitable that the auto-mobile will follow suit. Whether purposefully designed for use in the car, such as air-bags, or if it was an indirect inclusion after being developed for other markets, such as the stereo, the modern car has taken influence from many different sources.

The car industry is truly global with different brands of manufacturers being present in 47 countries worldwide. In the year 2013, this combined creates an industry which is worth approximately $888.5 billion.

The success of the car industry can be attributed to the innovators and creators who were pioneers in their field. With a number of projects sent in and gratefully received from customers at Metals4U who have worked with cars, we thought that we would pay homage to the industry and its innovators with a timeline of the landmark breakthroughs!

Inventing the Modern Car Infographic