Gryphon Racing FS2020 sponsorship-drivetrain progress

(Last modified: January 13th, 2020)

metals4U gryphon racing sponsorship drivetrain

Leeds Gryphon Racing Team have been working hard during the first few months of the new academic year to produce the working calculations to guide the style and development of their F20 Formula Student car.

To kick of the Formula Student 2020 sponsorship coverage, we’d like to bring you up to date with the progress of the drivetrain team being led this year by Roman Poraziński.

The drivetrain is the name given to the component parts from the transmission to the wheels; it is not part of the engine but the ‘train’ of parts that transfer the power created from combustion through the transmission, clutch and gears, the differential, and through to the axles and wheels to actually move the car.

metals4U gryphon drivetrain

Roman Poraziński.
Head of Drivetrain.


So far, Roman has led his team to calculate the brake forces to enable them to select the most appropriate brake system components, the rear bulkhead is also entering the design phase, as is a new, more ergonomic pedal box design to improve on weight saving and production issues faced in the production of last year’s FS car.

Roman’s team are also busy with the calculations on the layout and mounting of the shifting mechanism, along with successfully designing and completing the clutch actuation system- he certainly hasn’t been slacking!





For those of you that may be unfamiliar with how the drivetrain is incorporated into the design of the car, and what it does, below is a simplistic overview of the components it includes.

metals4U gryphon racing sponsorship drivetrain infographic

A basic guide to the drivetrain.

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