Atomic Zombie Recumbent Cycle

(Last modified: February 11th, 2019)

We recently received a great email from a customer who wanted to share his Atomic Zombie Recumbent cycle project.













Dear Metals4U,

Having seen some of the projects on the website I thought I’d add mine too. I have a bad back which has prevented me from riding a ‘normal’ cycle for many years now. I became interested in recumbent cycles and trikes and did some market research only to find that these typically cost £1000 to £4500 – far beyond my budget! I did further research into plans online and found the Atomic Zombie website.

They specialise in homemade cycles from the unusual to the downright weird – I was hooked! I bought the plan for their Warrior trike and it turned out to be simplicity itself with over two hundred photos and lots of clear explanatory text. This is my first serious metal project and whilst the frame is yet to be painted and I am still tweaking bits & pieces I am very happy with the trike and have been on several rides. The cycles on the Atomic Zombie website are designed to be built with second hand components from salvaged bikes, but there is nothing stopping you from using nice clean, fresh steel.

Metals4U were quick, seemed cheap and supplied exactly what I wanted – thanks guys! I have attached a photo or two – another can be seen in the Atomic Zombie newsletter (August 2010 edition) – have a look at the News section and browse the builders blog – they’re a helpful lot if you get stuck!

Best regards and happy building!
Nick Prescott