Take a look inside our new Aluminium Warehouse.

aluminium stockist in Wetherby, metals4U racking full of metal products ready for speedy dispatch.


We are always looking for ways to improve the services and product ranges we offer our customers. The team here at metals4U recently identified the need to expand our metal stock holding capacity and increase the range of aluminium products we offer… and that is exactly what we have done.

Our aluminium warehouse facility in Wetherby has always been proud of the choice of  metal grades and profiles, and engineering plastics, we always have in stock to proactively meet the demands of our customers, however, we closely monitor our stock movement and purchasing behaviours so were quick to pick up on the trend in the back end of Q3 2019 that our aluminium stock needed to be replenished more frequently, and in larger quantities.


metals4U, going from strength to strength.

So, we decided to do something about this increase in demand- we built a new aluminium warehouse next to our existing one!

Once the steel frame was up, building didn't take long.

building work starts on metals4U new aluminium warehouse


The warehouse gets its new cladding installed.

construction work at metals4U new aluminium warehouse in Wetherby


We wasted no time getting our extra stock on the shelves.

finished aluminium warehouse in Wetherby, metals4U online metal stockist storage facility.



Up until last year our warehouse capacity was  10,000 square feet, this had already been extended from the original 5000 square foot of warehouse space when we purchased the unit back in 2015. Before our relocation from Pontefract, we only had 4,000 square feet…how times change.

Now our new aluminium warehouse now boasts an incredible 17,000 square feet and is already packed with our expanded  range of metals and engineering products.

The increase in capacity has already proven to be a great success for us as we are now holding even larger ranges of aluminium, mild steel, copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel, concrete reinforcement, and plastics; we also offer a wider range and larger quantities of fasteners, engineering consumables, tools, and PPE because we are able to incorporate so much more stock into our increased storage space.

The new warehouse configuration has also enabled us to install a new packing machine; this secures our products to protect them during transit, minimises the use of unnecessary packing materials, and uses plastic wrap made from recycled sources- it’s one of our many initiatives to reduce waste and reduce costs.


Our new packing machine speeds up order turn-around times.

metals4U packing machine in aluminium warehouse, Wetherby West Yorkshire


This expansion in the stock we now hold means our orders can be picked, cut to order, and dispatched in one quick operation- previously we may have had to order stock in for a particular order and then wait for it to be delivered to us to then send them out to the customer- that was a lot of delay and meant some orders were taking longer than we wanted- one thing we have always been proud of and strived to maintain is our quick delivery so you get your goods ‘when you need it!’, not, ‘when we can manage it!’ But now we have a solution, we simply hold more stock- not rocket science, but definitely a game changer.

Fully stocked profiles ready for speedy dispatch.

aluminium and steel stock profiles at metals4U




To shop our range of profiles in stock and ready for immediate dispatch, browse our products here.


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